Before using our All Ed Chemist website, the user must read the instructions carefully and have a look on terms and conditions. By applying certain terms and conditions, a website provides legal content according to the norms. If you are not stuck with our terms and conditions, then avoid using this platform.

AllEdChemist is a top-notch online medicine platform for everyone. it may update and revise these terms and conditions whenever necessary. You can acknowledge those things carefully when accessing this website. There is no need to grab attention on the medical advice instead the platform is meant for selling only generic medicines online. It saves time and money for customers who want to buy medicines accordingly.

No place for any medical advice

The content of our website is truly meant for selling medicines online but we do not provide medical advice to the clients. We collect contents, designs, pictures, and data is for only informational purposes. It is not acceptable to tell advice by medical guidance, finding and other treatments. It may subject to our norms rather consider better outcomes for your doctor prescribed medicines. It does not carry the account of something that has perused on the All Ed Chemist procedure. If you figure out by any medicinal crisis, call the specialist or emergency contacts. It strictly adheres to the terms and conditions of our website and picks medicines for your illness purpose. We never neglect proficient medical guidance or delay in looking for your orders.

Our website does not prescribe or support any particular products. It is well said on the website dependence on any data given. Welcome to our website, because we sell only genuine medicines online at your own particular hazard. Depend on general information; you can follow medical drugs at the professional store.


We are always giving security to the children and protect them from hazards. Our site is planned or intended to kids below 13. We do not have proper data from any individual who really want medicines. But it is not suitable for children below 13 years age. Because privacy is very important for us. Our site is not planned for children so they are strictly prohibited to enter the site.

Usage of drugs and ingredients

Our medicines have only generic ingredients which do not possess any side effects. All Ed Chemist approves only quality medicines and FDA approved for sale. Out site exclusively cover those things and see copyright of the drugs provided in the site. We use a certain product and their different open on the reference. It is ideal for customers to grab attention on FDA and well-tested medicines suitable for everyone. Features and contents are liable to change and end without seeing in the editorial discretion.

Terms of sale

We sell medicines 24 hours because customer’s satisfaction is very important. You can order medicines and expect within a few business days. For any complaints, you can cancel your order only within 12 hours after booking. We provide shipping procedure which is fast and deliver only ED products.